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Page history last edited by Craig Chaddock 10 years, 5 months ago

Preface: Rally Routing 101 – Constraints, Efficiencies, and Contingencies


Greetings Fellow Rider:


You have found a wiki on a course I presented on the topic of Motorcycle Rally Routing at San Diego BMW Motorcycles on March 12 and 13, 2010. This course was targeted at riders interested in participating in a 1/2 day rally (8-12 hour bonus hunting rallies) like the LowCal 250 in San Diego County. You won’t get a chance to hear or see what was discussed at length in the live class, or what sections tended to get more glossed over, but still I hope you find some value in this material:

RallyRouting101Overview  (Powerpoint presentation of Lecture) 

Routing101 LECTURE (Detailed outline of topics covered)

Routing101 LAB (Routing exercise)


Just to iterate… this is by no means the definitive resource on the topic of rally routing. This is just one way to look at a pursuit that in my opinion will enhance your travels… whether in a rally, or out to maximize a vacation that is on your own precious time: Rallying skills matter!



As you go over the class outline, you might quickly note that you already have better ways of analyzing or executing many of the tasks I cover. That is actually preferable in many cases. Some of the information is not relevant if you have developed other techniques, or have additional tools or modified equipment at your disposal.


You might come to the conclusion that my approach to determining the efficiency of a course is too convoluted to complete in the limited amount of time that you have to route your course in a rally. When time is limited you have to make approximations, often not having the chance to go back and double or triple check calculations. Also, there is no guarantee that rallies you enter will have any semblance to what I describe.


Keep in mind what matters most in a rally: finishing safely. If you can’t finish the next best thing is returning safely. Mastering rallies requires repetition, and that is only tolerable with a pursuit that you enjoy or has great meaning to you. That is my hope for you with this course, that you enjoy and pursue many rallies!!


"Ride safe, enjoy, and let the experience of finishing many rallies be your best teacher"


++ Craig Chaddock / San Diego, CA


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